BDN Workshop Series: The 10 Interpersonal Skills Everyone Needs

  • May 10, 2022
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


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Description of the Workshop:

Having the technical skills and knowledge to successfully execute your job duties is only one part of being the best you can be in the workplace. In addition to these “hard” skills, we also need “soft” skills. Soft skills are those interpersonal skills that allow us to effectively work with others. No matter what your position, organization, or industry, you work with people! Taking the time to build effective interpersonal skills can contribute to a more efficient, more harmonious, and more productive workplace, as well as to your own overall happiness and satisfaction. At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss how interpersonal skills are important to success in the workplace
  • Understand the 10 key interpersonal skills everyone should have
  • Use interpersonal skills to relate more effectively to others in the workplace
  • Understand how to use interpersonal skills to communicate, problem-solve, and resolve conflict
  • Apply interpersonal skills to specific situations

Intended Audience:

Undergraduate students, Graduate students

Intended Experience Level:


Presenter Bios:

Dr. Nicole Rankine, affectionately known as Dr. Nic, is one of the most engaging certified Personal Growth Coaches around. She is a consultant with the Maxwell Leadership Team and the CEO of the COLE Academy of Personal Growth, a company that helps young leaders develop soft skills through leadership, personal growth, and communication development so they can discover who they are, clarify their vision, and develop a plan to achieve their goals. Dr. Nicole also provides professional development for educational leaders to help them become better leaders of students but most importantly of themselves. Her team is comprised of coaches who deliver leadership workshops/seminars, keynote speeches, and coaching services as well as lead Leadership Roundtables globally and domestically (Paraguay, Costa Rica, and throughout the United States).

Follow Up:

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NOTE: This workshop series will be audio and video recorded.

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